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22 August 2013 @ 01:38 am
I'm always in this twilight  
I can't believe I'm writing here again!!!  Its been a looong time. This is my new LJ account.

I've been checking gyaru blogs and suddenly I wanted to do new icons. These aren't so good because I'm kinda rusty and the scans were not really HQ.

 photo g9.jpg photo g5.jpg photo g8.jpg

[13] Gyaru Icons

 photo g13.jpg photo g9.jpg photo g11.jpg
   photo g2.jpg photo g1.jpg photo g3.jpg
 photo g5.jpg photo g4.jpg photo g6.jpg

 photo g12.jpg photo g8.jpg photo g7.jpg photo g10.jpg

Credit [info]hanabi_himeko or pinkuciel
Don't claim them as yours.
Don't edit the icons, they're not bases!

Every image is taken from this month's Popteen

A comment in case you take any of them would make me rlly happy ~~

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pinkiikispinkiikis on May 18th, 2014 09:30 pm (UTC)
Thanks for sharing!!! Such cute icons!